Fashion photography is a highly popular genre of photography across the world. Every professional photography needs to master the techniques of fashion photography to excel in the field and establish a dominant presence with their work. If you want to master fashion photography skills, you first should be aware of the basics to help you get started.

Bruce Weber Photographer tips for every fashion photographer

Bruce Weber is a popular name in the world of fashion photography in the USA and Europe. He is a filmmaker and well known for his famous short films and documentaries. His photographs were shot to fame in the 1980s for his artistic depiction of the male body. He has worked on advertising campaigns for Versace, Ralph Lauren, and other global names in the fashion world.  His work is now displayed across galleries and museums in the USA and Europe.

The importance of natural light

Light can either make or destroy a photograph completely. This is the first factor every photographer should be aware of, not just fashion photographers. According to him, you do not have to spend a lot of lighting gear when you start as a fashion photographer. This is a mistake that most new photographers make. He recommends they should make use of natural light to create the ideal photography. If one must use artificial lights, the right ones should be chosen for generating the best effects. This is a key Bruce Weber photographer tip that people should keep in mind when they start their commercial


Many beginners ruin their fashion photoshoots as they focus too much on complicated light schemes, which, according to him, is not needed. He recommends photographers go simple. One should choose the location, check with what you need to work with, and later think about how to light the place for the photoshoot to begin.

Working with daylight

As a fashion photographer, learn how to work with natural light or daylight before you buy your own lighting kit. You can use a window for the purpose, and for practicing, you can ask a friend or a family member to be your model. As them to stand or sit for not more than two meters from the light coming from the window. Experiment from all sides and angles to understand how the light falls on your model and how it affects the overall photograph.

For instance, if you are looking for even light with no shadows, turn your model to face the window and place your back to it for taking the photograph you want. In such a case, the light you receive for the photograph is good. However, it lacks volume. Here, a professional Bruce Weber photographer‘s recommendation would be to turn your model to about 30 degrees. This helps you get the right shadows that accentuate the shape of the model’s face. You can even experiment with a 45- degree angle turn to check whether you get a better chance of contrast or not.

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