Running is good for health; however, running cross country has even more benefits to your mental and physical health. It makes you a stronger and better runner. You need a higher knee lift when you run on the soft ground. Running up a hill has several benefits as well. Moreover, if you can race in the country, racing on the roads is easy for you too.

Robert Nico Martinelli – Discover the joys of cross country running

Robert Nico Martinelli is a freshman from Concord, Mass, in the USA. He is a cross country and tracks and field runner at Concord -Carlisle High School. He earned High Honor Roll in grades 11 and 12. He also has an interest in basketball and is a member of the Big Red Men’s track & field team.

According to him, if you are new to cross country running, you should start slow. Pick up the pace with practice, or else you might injure yourself if you are not careful. The biggest advantage of the cross- country running is it is low impact. It is true that mud works hard on your muscles; however, it is not hard work for your body joints that will take a break from the hard pounding of running on the roads.


Cross country running and races are affordable, and if you want to participate in any marathon or race, you just need to pay a small amount to enter them. Another advantage of these races is that they bring people together and uniquely unite them. The course and the conditions are so friendly that everyone has a good time. Road running cannot give you this advantage and feeling at all.

Choosing your spikes

When it comes to cross country running, your grip is important. You are running on a soft surface, and you must have the right footwear. If you seriously have decided to start cross country running, you must buy a good pair of footwear. Invest in the specialist spikes available for cross country running as they are better than track spikes. They give you improved traction and grip.

The condition of the course you run on will determine the length of the metal spikes. They are available in 9 mm, 12 mm, and 15 mm. Check out the terrain first before choosing the spike length you need. If the terrain is firm and has lots of grass, 9 mm spikes are perfect for your running needs. In case the terrain is a bath of mud, you should invest in the 15mm spike length to be safe and not slip and fall.

According to Robert Nico Martinelli, if you are participating in any race, first walk the course before the race. Take your time and get accustomed to the course and the number of laps you would have to run. Make sure you familiarize yourself with specific aspects of the course before you race on it on the final day for success! This step will help you make informed choices regarding footwear and the race tactics you should embrace on the final day.

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