You attract what you feel- this is true though many people do not believe it. The energy frequencies that one gives out attract a similar vibration. This is why people need to tune in to themselves to know how they feel and reverse the adverse energies that affect their lives. When disturbed, the points are distorted, and the vibrations are negative, bringing in pain and suffering. This is where spiritual guidance and self-help development are needed to alleviate the negative energies and bring in positive change. 

Teal Swanbelief in positive change 

Teal Swan is a best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and inspirational public speaker. She is the creator of the Headway Foundation and believes in bringing positive world change. She was born in 1984 in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, and has been a victim of severe abuse in her childhood. She shares her harrowing life experiences and uses them to help others in pain.

She believes that this experience of pain in her life is a gift as if she had not gone through that phase, she would have, like others, given people a general esoteric knowledge about people, the world, and the universe. Thanks to her pain and suffering, she knows what pain and sorrow mean, which helps her teach what she teaches. And that is also why she emphasizes on helping people deal with pain.

Bringing in positive change and transformation in the lives of people 

She is widely loved across the globe and helps her followers bring out the positive change in them with truth and authenticity. The world will become a happier place if everyone is a positive change. When it comes to bringing in change in one’s life, an inward journey is essential. Dark truths indeed have to be faced, but this is the only way to become free and accept reality precisely the way it is. 

This acceptance of the truth will not only break one free, but it will make relationships with oneself and others beautiful. Many people are often scared to face the truth primarily because they fear hurting others. However, sometimes the opposite is accurate, and the path to joy, freedom, and authenticity becomes a beautiful journey. One needs to see reality as it is for happiness and bliss. 

Teal Swan is not recommended for those people who embrace spirituality and self-help to feel good about themselves. She is perfect for those willing to face the truth and accept reality precisely the way it is. 

Transformation is a beautiful journey, and she ensures they get all the help they need. She uses the power of social media to connect with her followers. She is the creator of the “Ask Teal” series on YouTube. Besides this, she travels worldwide and gives inspirational lectures and sermons on positive world change. Her website also has free guided meditation tools for her followers to embrace and practice on their journey to freedom, joy, and bliss!

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