Rome is considered one of the most ancient cities in Europe as well as in the entire world. The city is filled with Christian faith and the icons of antiquity; thus it is really hard to find out where to go and where you can start. Each one of the travellers has his own interest in traveling and choices. But, there are certain sites or destinations in Rome that you should not miss. These tourist spots are considered as the landmarks not only in Rome but in entire Europe. The iconic buildings include the Colosseum and the Pantheon. As Rome is so big, a serious backpacker even gets confused about which destination to visit and which one to miss. tagaytay tours

Here Are Some of the Most Iconic Travel Sites in Rome That You Should Miss-

1.    The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

As the Eiffel Tower is an iconic structure to Paris in the same way, the identification of the Flavian Amphitheatre is in Rome. Colosseum is the largest structure that is left for the tourists in Rome. It provides the model of sports arenas like the football stadiums are closely designed based on the oval Roman plan. The construction of this building began in the year 72 AD, and after that, his son Titus added the fourth storey to this building.  Colosseum was inaugurated in the year AD 80, and lots of games were being played. Besides the Colosseum, another landmark is present which is called the Arch of Constantine. The tourists, who want to explore Colosseum along with the surroundings, should collect Colosseum Rome Tickets online or by waiting at the queue.

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2.    The Vatican City

The Vatican is considered the smallest independent state in the world with an area of about half a square kilometre. The entire state is covered by the Vatican walls. Inside the enclosed space, the tourists can see the Vatican palaces and the gardens. Some of the important places include the St. Peter Basilica and the St. Peter’s Square. Inside the St. Peter’s Basilica, the travellers can see the Michelangelo’s masterpiece and the Pieta. The ticket lines are available around the Vatican City from where you can buy the tickets, but you have to wait on long lines. To avoid these long queues, you can buy the tickets online.

Some of the other destinations in Rome include The Pantheon, Roman Forum, Centro Storico & the Spanish Steps, The Catacombs and Via Appia Antica (Appian Way), Santa Maria Maggiore, Trevi Fountain and many more.

During your stay at Rome, you should choose the perfect accommodation like the hotel or the resort. If you choose a reliable tour operator, you can get the chance to stay at the best hotels in Rome in your budget. You can also customize your trips as per your choice so that you had the opportunity to explore the best in Rome.

Your next Europe tour with your family will be incomplete if you do not include Rome in your favourite bucket list.

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