A number of new trends have cropped up for tech workers and the people who employ them, after almost three years of Covid-19 disruption in the supply chain. War in Europe also disrupted a huge source of developer talent, and played a role in pushing the global economy into a period of uncertainty. Tech workers, however, still hold the upper hand in the market. After all, it still is a knowledge economy, and hence, people who understand Python, Rust, cloud computing and more are still will have plentiful opportunities to explore. Hence, it is prudent that job seekers try to get skilled in key tech skills through companies like Revature and increase their odds of landing a good tech job in 2023.

Revature marks a few strategies that can help land a lucrative tech job in 2023

First of all, to get good jobs in tech, one needs to focus on building relationships with people already working in the industry. Doing so would help a person to learn about the job openings and get their foot in the door. Amidst the prevailing economic scenario, a lot of companies are cutting costs and layoffs are taking place all around. This situation is likely to continue in the first half of 2023. But this does not mean that there are no jobs. While there are many opportunities for tech workers in the market, not all of them are out on job portals, with referrals taking a priority. Hence, one needs to be proactive about reaching out to others to get the job that they want.

Job seekers must also keep their online job profile updated. If their profile is not updated during the phase of job search, it might indicate that they are not serious enough. By having an updated job profile and keeping an eye on online job boards and social media platforms, one can find many interesting opportunities. Owing to the shift in the job market and recession, a change has been seen in job portals and boards. A number of new boards are being created by community members to get jobs or hire talent. Rather than depending on traditional job portals, job seekers must explore new boards that specially focus on tech jobs and register on them.

To get a job in the current, competitive market, both personal and professional development is immensely important. By investing in their own abilities and skills, people can make themselves more valuable to potential employers and elevate their earning potential. One can always get enrolled into programs offered by companies like Revature to get trained in the most in-demand software skills that can help them to land good jobs. Such companies often help individuals to prepare for their job interviews as well.

Personal and professional development is immensely important for individuals to build resilience and adaptability. While professional development would allow them to build an impressive portfolio, personal development can aid them in maintaining a sense of purpose and direction. Personal development also involves working on communication skills. It will allow people to convey their thoughts clearly during the job interview and create a lasting impression.

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