Photography is the kind of art that turns moments into memory. However, sometimes photographers feel a little disappointed in their photography. They don’t get to capture the right moment in the right way. Despite many attempts and learning photography skills, photographers still fail to capture the right shot. For this reason, even veteran photographers sometimes need photography tutorials. Skilled photographers with good reputations try to assist aspiring photographers to capture photos to impress.

Bruce Weber On Right Camera Setting

Bruce Weber is a famous photographer who started his career as a model. He made an appearance in some famous commercials before embarking as a photographer. Even though he had talent as a model, he decided to dedicate his attention to photography because his passion lay in capturing moments.

Bruce worked on a wide array of famous projects in his career. In 1984, Bruce photographed some Olympic athletes to feature them in Rolling Stone. However, that project did not take off. For this reason, Bruce went to Andy Warhol’s interview with his photos. This publication went ahead with the photographs which received high appreciation from people. In addition to modeling and photography, Bruce has experience working as a filmmaker. One of his documentaries won Cinecritica Award. When not working on his photographs, Bruce takes out time to educate aspiring photographers.

Bruce believes in spending time with subjects when photographing them. He feels that knowing the subjects help in capturing the best moment. However, sometimes this luxury does not present itself to a photographer. For this reason, Bruce makes it a point to encourage young professionals to experiment with their camera settings.

Right Lens

Lens when chosen right can make a miracle happen for a photographer. However, the opposite happens when a photographer picks the wrong lens accidentally. Bruce says the effort should begin with selecting the right lens. An aspiring photographer needs to learn about camera lenses to capture the right shots.


A beginner needs to be comfortable with cameras. A lot of photographers resist the need to use a tripod. They take it as a personal failure. However, Bruce says when someone is getting started with photography or needs to polish their photography skill, a tripod comes as a blessing. It allows photographers the luxury of being able to adjust their cameras. Also, a tripod gives photographers the freedom to move away from their cameras and get comfortable with camera settings. Bruce says there is nothing wrong with using a tripod to capture photos.

Work On Focus

Blurry images don’t make a good impression. For this reason, a photographer needs to work on the camera focus to capture each moment in its richness. Bruce says anyone serious about photography needs to work on camera focus to capture the desired photographs.

Using Aperture Setting

The aperture setting is one of the most basic camera settings which a photographer can use. This setting uses the opening of the camera lens that helps light reach the sensor.

As perBruce Weber, mastering the aperture setting a photographer can capture many rich images. So, when one is getting started or trying to polish photography skills, one needs to work on the aperture camera setting for a better photography experience.

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