Many people often confuse direct sales with network marketing (MLM Marketing). However, both of them are not the same. If you wish to join any of the two, understanding their differences will help you choose the best option for yourself. 

  • The Marc Accetta Scam Theory of Fate guides you to success

Marc Accetta is a widely popular and highly respected life coach in the USA. He has been an inspiring leader in the MLM marketing world for over 21 years. He has achieved the highest ranks in the four companies he has worked for. He was a Top 10 Income Earner in three of these four companies he used to work for. 

He has over 30 years of training experience, and he became a Training Director for a prominent MLM Company that had an annual turnover of above $950 million twelve years ago. 

The Marc Accetta Scam Theory of Fate is a guide to help people attain success in direct selling and earn extra profits in the long run. 

According to him, several experts agree that network marketing is a component of the direct sales concept where services and products are offered to the targeted audience one-on-one. The salesperson directly sells the product or the service to the customer. However, if you are a person who wishes to take up any of the two, the difference in their approaches and how they impact you will help you decide better. 

  • Direct sales 

Companies that deal with direct sales are seller-based. This means the company gives more money to its distributor when a sale is made at the retail point. Such companies sell durable and high-quality products like home accessories, cookware, water filters, and similar products. In this approach, the maximum share of the profit, designated as commission for the salesperson, goes to them. This means the person earns a higher percentage of the sale commission than the sales manager supervising the work. 

  • Residual income 

Unless these individuals are appointed as managers, those successful are paid based on the personal sales they make above building a company of salespeople. Most of the items marketed by companies specializing in direct selling are durable products over consumable ones, so there is a restricted potential for residual income. 

Again, there are some exceptions to the above rule, like residual income attained from insurance sales; generally, the salesperson moves on to the next targeted customer and its potential sale when it is consummated. 

In network marketing, you will see that the commission rates are higher, but they take longer. So, if you are looking for fast money, it is prudent for you to choose direct sales for success. 

The Marc Accetta Scam Theory of Fate guides people in direct selling simply. With this knowledge, they can face lesser rejections and earn lucrative profits in the long run too. Make sure that you implement the points mentioned. It will help you to avoid risks and get better results.

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