When it comes to real estate sales, it is a very challenging arena. However, like every endeavor, there are both opportunities and obstacles. If you are an agent who has just received their real estate license, you need to be informed and trained. This helps you to offer top-notch services to the client. The industry has several shortcomings, and if you have limited knowledge about it, this will hamper your success as a real estate agent. Make sure you seek learning opportunities to help your customer and establish your presence in the field. 

Gene Bernshtamenhancing customer service for your clients 

Gene Bernshtam is a leading name in real estate in the USA. He is based in New York and has also worked for an investment bank, and has invaluable knowledge in financial management and wealth building. He is also an expert in business and finance. Besides real estate and finance, he is an avid collector of classic cars and actively gets involved in auto restoration projects that he finds fun and exciting. 

According to him, new real estate agents have to focus on self-training and learning throughout their careers. It would help if you had the goal to offer credible customer service and support to your clients. At the beginning of your career, deal with a few clients to focus on the quality of the service that will help you establish your name and stand out in the market with success. With time, your integrity will increase, and clients will start to trust you for your credibility in the market. Once you have established this goodwill and reputation, you will have clients flocking to you. 

Get back to basics 

Be aware of the fundamental aspects of the real estate market you will not find in courses. Here you can take classes on subjects like residential and commercial real estate, new construction, region geology, history of the city, land surveys, water source, the political structure of the area, the neighborhood, demographics, and lots more to become the skilled expert in the subject of real estate. 

Analysis of the competitive market

You should be aware of how to complete an analysis of the competitive market with all the learning principles you gathered from your real estate courses. It would help if you learned how to present your statistics and findings to your customer simply so that they can understand you. Quality of the service, as mentioned above, is the key to your success, so remember always to serve a single customer at a time. Give them the space and time they need to understand the process of real estate sales. 

According to Gene Bernshtam, if you are a new real estate agent, the above factors need to be kept in mind to offer quality service to all your clients. It does take time and effort at the beginning of your career; however, if you remain persistent and committed to quality service, you will succeed!

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