If you’re tired of swiping right on Tinder, we have good news for you. There is a whole new generation of dating apps just waiting for you to try. So, Tinder, while still a giant, is kind of old news. Even the company’s CEO and Founder, Sean Rad, bailed. He calls getting fired from the company the best thing to ever happen to him. If you’re ready to jump ship and find an entirely new dating experience, here is a round-up of a few of our favorite new sites.

1. Filter Off

Practically built for the pandemic, this allows you to interact with many people, briefly, over video. It’s speed dating for the internet, and it is also a great guard against catfishing, as people can’t fake themselves on video dates. 

2. Lantern

If you’ve been feeling bored by the same old same old when it comes to dating app formats, then Lantern might be right for you. It adds elements of story narrative and gamification to keep things interesting. Not for everyone, as it can feel a little odd, for many it adds a major entertainment element. 

3. Heybaby

If a dating app isn’t just about finding love u, but rather the beginning of starting a family and having a baby, then this is the app for you. It takes away having to awkwardly navigate whether your match actually wants kids, you know they do or they wouldn’t be on this app. 

4. Fairytrail

This app is aimed at the digital nomad, the fully remote worker who travels and those who are truly mobile. If this is you and you’re trying to find a like-minded partner, then this is a great app to be looking on. 

5. Curtn

Like Filter Off, Curtn is video-based, allowing you to get much more than a sense of how a person looks, but see deeper and get a glimpse of their personality. All videos must be recorded live so there is no danger of getting old, outdated vids. 

One major trend that has become popular recently is the concept of “slow dating.” While not for everyone, this sees many choosing to take more time to get to know their potential matches before actually meeting in person. Part safety precaution and part an attempt to meet on a deeper level. 

Speaking of a deeper level, another popular dating trend is looking for love in the stars. Some people are taking their astrological compatibility very seriously. Perhaps it only makes sense to look to the stars to guide you when it’s hard to meet in person. 

The true concept of a dating app is to help people find love, and that means providing meaningful connections. The instant gratification mindset of swiping left or right hardly promoted a deeper connection. Dating site apps must simply find a way to help people match on this more lasting level. The next big innovation that moves in this direction will find great success. 

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