You should do a few things before removing your old phone if you have been using your iPhone for a few years and feel that the time has come to update. It is crucial to fully back up all the images, movies, documents, and other content on your old iPhone before you sell, refurbish, or recycle it. You can do this by using iTunes or the iCloud service.

To prevent the following user from gaining access to your personal information, it is crucial to thoroughly delete your smartphone once you have adequately backed up all of its data. 

Your iPhone’s data

When you decide to sell my iPhone 12 pro max, this is the first thing you must do. To avoid losing any data in the process, it is crucial to have a comprehensive backup of the device. When you purchase a new iPhone, you may effortlessly restore the data to its original format, thanks to technology. Taking a backup of your iPhone is simple and may be done in one of two ways: using iTunes or iCloud. 

Make a device backup

Backing up your data is the first thing you should do before saying sell my iPhone 12 pro max to ensure that it is recovered when you activate your new phone. Your iPhone may be backed up using iCloud or a PC. 

How to use iCloud to backup your iPhone

You may modify your settings to have iCloud backup your iPhone daily. This is how:

● The “Settings” menu.

● Click your name in the screen’s header.

● Choose “iCloud.”

● Toggle it on by scrolling down and clicking “iCloud Backup.”

● Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network and a power supply.

● Make sure the screen on your iPhone is locked.

● Make sure your iCloud storage is adequate. 

Information Transfer to Your New Phone

Your data may be transferred from your old iPhone to your new one in two different methods, including:

● Quick Start automatically moves information from your old iPhone to your new phone if you’re running iOS 11 or later.

● You may migrate your information using iCloud or iTunes if you’re running iOS 10 or later.

● Transferring data from one device to another: You may do this with your old and new iPhones (wirelessly or with a cable). 

Take your SIM card out

Personal data such as your phone number, contacts, security information, text messages, billing information, and more are stored on your SIM card. Because you don’t want a new owner to access your data, you should take out your SIM card before selling your iPhone. You may take out your SIM card by finding the SIM ejector on your phone. Usually, it’s on the right side. Up until the SIM card tray is removed, insert a paperclip. 


Keep these things in mind, and you can sell your iPhone confidently and get the best deals. Ensure to cross-check the seller’s background and ask for advance payment to eliminate any fraud.

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