With the steep rise in the number of people facing the problems of obesity, which further gives rise to many chronic diseases, the need for awareness in youth regarding the diet they have is alarming. Gone are the days when eating habits were thought about in old age, the amount of physical work those days people used to do is like a giant mountain in comparison to the physical work we do. We are also no at fault. We sit at a single chair the whole day working on PCs, because of the demand of the time, but with changing time your lifestyle needs alteration too.

After covid era, the importance of a healthy body has been highlighted to a great extent. Nine out of every ten adults face a problem with high blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems. You name it and you’ll find it. The sole reason for the deteriorating health of youth is the poor lifestyle we live, many of us are not even aware of the calorie consumption we have in a day. Despite steps taken to make people aware of their health but we ignore it or don’t think it important, now let me tell inform you about the recent survey regarding hospital expenditure, it stated that the expenditure done on hospitals bills, medicines and all is five folds the expenditure done by an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Imagine the amount we can save and use for a better cause.

Need For Nutritional Labelling

The reason for mentioning the exercise needed to burn the calories you just had on food labels is to make people aware of their consumption levels and a humongous positive change in eating habits has been seen. Imagine yourself consuming a soft drink and when you throw the empty carton in the bin you suddenly come across the label of it which states that you need to run 2km to burn those calories you just took. Instead of consuming the whole bottle at once, you will now consume only half of it or if the full bottle is consumed then you will want to burn those calories.


If the food labels are marked by the amount of work one needs to do to burn off the calories, a sudden increase in the search for lifestyle-related content has been been in the web, and more people want to live a healthy lifestyle after experiencing the extremities of the covid era, they are well aware of the consequences of not taking their health and well being as the priority the labels provide them with the extra push needed by them, human physiology work on facts and figures, often times the observations have shown that we don’t take things seriously until and unless a quantified version of damage is listed before us.


Although I agree with the fact that one size doesn’t fit all and this procedure may create havoc in the life of consumers, we can’t ignore the positives seen in the pilot project of the same, more accurate measures of calories intake can be made so that the information on the label fit the general public, rest there is not a single scheme or idea without an exception.

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