As a natural disruptor, Miki Agrawal has spent her life moving from one major concept to the next. Well-known and recognized for her work as the founder of TUSHY, a bidet company aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of toilet paper, Miki Agrawal has since expanded her work to touch upon several different concepts and sectors.

The ultimate entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal, has established herself as a well-received author and multi-disciplinary entrepreneur with a background as a professional soccer player. More than just an entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal is looking to change the way people like her approach their work.

Disrupting Industries With Miki Agrawal

For Miki Agrawal, becoming a disrupt-her started with a diverse and fascinating perspective of the world. Born in Canada with Japanese and Indian heritage, Miki jokes that her French-Canadian flair is just the cherry on top. She first began her journey toward entrepreneurship by attending Cornell University in New York. By 2001, Agrawal had earned her B.S. in Business and Communications. After gaining a job in the financial industry, Agrawal was understandably impacted by 9/11.

Feeling a need for change, Agrawal would seek to define her primary goals, endeavoring to eventually accomplish each one. Miki Agrawal stated in an interview, “Life has been willing to guide me in the right direction so long as I was willing to let it.”

After putting away her professional soccer career with the New York Magic due to injury, Miki would shift to video production while beginning to develop her own healthy pizza, utilizing farm-fresh ingredients. Seemingly overnight, Miki would establish her own farm-to-table restaurant in New York City and it has since grown to inhabit three locations in the metro area.

Thanks to her multi-disciplinary approach to the professional world, Miki Agrawal has been able to establish herself as a published author, the founder of TUSHY, and one of the Top 20 Millennials on a Mission, according to the editorial team at Forbes.

Embracing Self Care to Stay Steady

While Mika Agrawal is as much a Renaissance Woman as there is right now, she understands that her pace isn’t sustainable without a serious approach to self-care. Juggling her family, career, and financial responsibilities remains a challenge, but that doesn’t stop Agrawal from embracing her self-care ritual.

Every morning, Agrawal begins with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise to go along with her healthy meals. Weekly massages also help to keep her on track emotionally and physically. For Agrawal, self-care is all about the individual. She stated, “I think self-care really means doing that which lights you up.”

Most recently, Miki Agrawal has been focused on her journey with in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Officially beginning the complex regimen on July 19, Agrawal is excited and grateful no matter the outcome of the experience. Miki has always sought to turn her greatest obstacles into her greatest opportunities and perhaps that’s the most important lesson to retain from her efforts.

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