Solar energy is gaining popularity, but many people still tend to ask why to go for oral allergy? There is also a failure in realizing the fullest potential of solar energy and its importance in future energy generation. As the conventional fossil fuel reserves are drying out, solar energy is becoming the new trend in the renewable energy spectrum. Homeowners around the United States have installed solar panels on their roofs and can reap the advantages of this cheap and easy source of power. Along with the financial benefits it offers to individual users, their many prominent reasons why solar energy is being promoted across the globe. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why solar energy should be encouraged.

Paul Favret on reasons to promote solar energy

  1. Solar is good for the environment

Solar is a green energy source, which is also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. One significant fact supporting solar energy is that it is renewable and fully clean. There is nothing terrible about solar when it comes to environmental pollution. Paul Favret reinstates that the solar energy generation process may not release any greenhouse gases. It needs clean water to function, and there are no other sources required for solar plants.

  • You can go off the grid with solar

There is a massive decrease in the cost of solar panels now. This is one primary reason many households are now choosing to go solar. Traditional electricity generation essentially uses fossil fuels like natural gas and coal etc. These are harmful to the environment and are generated in limited volume. This depletion has caused high market demand for fossil fuels lately, and the energy prices are going higher and higher.

  • Solar electricity can make households’ electricity independent

By making an initial investment in a basic 4 kW solar system at home, you can protect yourself against the unpredictable increases in power bills. Solar enables cheap and free electricity throughout the year. Once you have installed solar panels on your roof, you have reached energy Independence. Battery storage systems can help store solar electricity for nighttime and on rainy days etc.

  • Solar power can leverage the underutilized land area.

With an increasing need for harvesting solar energy, more land is being used for solar panel installation lately. Across the globe, vast land areas are far away from the big towns or city capitals, which can be effectively used for solar harvesting now. With solar power generation, we can use the free land and thereby reduce the cost of power generation. Solar offers a reliable source of power to everyone. By liberating this, people will be able to afford a lesser charge of fuel and electricity.

  • Less power loss during transmission

Usually, electricity has to be transported from the power plants where it is being generated to the end consumers through the distribution networks. This long-distance transmission causes a lot of power loss. There is a solution to solar power usage. Solar panels are usually implanted on the roof of the houses or buildings where the power generated can be directly connected to the domestic wiring. So, you are entirely in charge of your power supply.

Paul Favret also points out that solar power offers greater security and creates a large number of job opportunities and economic boost in various countries.

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