No matter whether one is suffering from frequent urination, painful urination, or change in color of urine, they must not hesitate to visit an experienced urologist like Cletus Georges for a checkup, especially if these symptoms persist for more than two days. Typically, an abnormal urge to urinate is directed affected by infection in the bladder or any underlying medical condition. Urologists would have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose the problem and put the patients on the right treatment, as these medical professionals specialize in the study and treatment of disorders related to the urinary system.

Many people tend to have calcium depositions in their urinary tract, which is known as a stone. This stone can block the ureters or the urethra as it grows big in dimension. In both of these situations, the total urine output of a person gets reduced considerably and may even stop. The first symptom in this situation would be intolerable pain in the back or lower abdomen. This is also a common symptom in males with an enlarged prostate.

Here are a few signs that indicate that one needs to contact an urologist at once:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen: Pain in the lower abdomen is also a symptom of multiple types of urinary issues. In case the pain is accompanied by a burning sensation or urinary frequency, then one need to visit an urologist to check for bladder cancer or prostate.
  • Blood in urine: No matter the gender of the patient, having blood in the urine is not a good sign. One needs to promptly visit an urologist in this situation. They are likely to order tests that can highlight an infection or a disease causing this symptom. In extreme cases, blood in the urine can even be an early sign of cancer in kidney or bladder.
  • Repeated urinary tract infections:  Even though UTI is not a severe issue by itself, if a person suffers from two or more infections in a span of 6 months, the situation should not be ignored and specialized assistance need to be sought out.  Usually prophylactic or some antibiotic treatments will be prescribed in such situations.
  • Chronic pain in the pelvic region:  This is also a urinary condition that can affect both sexes and is characterized by increased frequency of urination and pain in the lower abdomen. The treatment for the condition depends on the reason. Typically, a series of tests and examinations need to be carried out for finding out the reason. A treatment plan has to be charted out subsequently as per its accordance.

People facing any of the symptoms mentioned above must contact an experienced urologist like Cletus Georges. He is currently working at Health Orlando Urology, and was previously employed as a contract urologist at William Jennings Bryan at Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC, and at Florida Urology Associates Florida Hospital Medical Group.

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