A fire door’s primary function is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke while also providing a means of egress. Regular fire door inspectionof the fire doors is necessary to identify any potential problems before they become hazardous.

What Are Fire Doors?

Fire doors allow people to enter and leave a structure and escape if the building is engulfed in flames. Different fire doors have other parts. However, for most timber door assemblies, these are the basics:

  1. Fire-safe door frame
  2. A fire-rated door leaf
  3. Intumescent strips/seals
  4. Hinges that can withstand fire (3 of)
  5. A fire-rated way to open or close the door (lock, latch, or handle).
  6. Fire-rated door closers

In a fire, the risk of suffering major injuries or losing one’s life can be reduced when these features are constructed and maintained appropriately.

Advantages Of A Fire Door Inspection

●       It Prevents Lives From Being Lost In Fires.

Smoke and fire may spread quickly through a building, so fire doors are vital for keeping people safe while they leave. Ensuring fire doors are in good working order and can be relied on in an emergency requires routine fire door inspection. Fire doors pose a serious risk to life if they are not properly installed and serviced regularly.

●       Aids In Ensuring Continued Adherence To Applicable Laws

Facilities, equipment, and devices installed for fire safety must be suitably maintained and in good functioning order to protect relevant persons in a building, per Article 17.1 of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

Although the Responsible Person is free to demonstrate compliance in any way they see fit, regular fire door inspectionis a good starting point.

●       Keeps Damage From Getting Worse

Problems like warping and cracking can be spotted before they become dangerous by conducting routine fire door inspections. Fixing these problems right now will save money in the long run by preventing more damage to the fire door.

●       Easily Pinpoints Problem Areas

If any problems are found with the fire doors during a fire door inspection, they can be fixed or replaced immediately. This aids in preventing accidents and guarantees the constant security of the structure.

●       Make Sure You’re Covered By Insurance

Ensuring the structure satisfies all insurance standards is made easier with routine fire door inspection. If a claim is filed after a disaster, like a fire or an accident, this can help ensure that it is not denied.


A building’s safety and compliance rely on routine fire door inspectionof the fire doors. At least twice a year, look to qualified fire door inspectors for guidance.Doors should be closed when not used, and comprehensive records of inspections, repairs, and replacements should be maintained. If you follow these steps, you can reduce the risk of fires on your property and safeguard the people who live there.

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