When we talk about bollards, people mainly imagine them to be permanent and durable structures. They are mostly used to mark a given area to restrain vehicle access. It is one of the many purposes that bollards serve, but in general, it helps to control access as needed by the given authorities.

Uses Of Bollards

There are several uses of concrete bollards when it comes to managing vehicle access. They contribute significantly to saving lives within the given emergency vehicle zone. Because of these bollards, the operators can easily identify emergency vehicles and let them enter and exit the given zone.

There are also instances when other vehicles accidentally block the zone of the emergency vehicles, which creates an overall obstruction. It is the bollards that help in such situations. This is why one would find them in places like hospitals, where drivers are under stress and in a hurry. Bollards help vehicles to respond quickly to an emergency situation by saving their valuable minutes; they will no longer have to manoeuvre around the vehicles which are illegally parked.

To make things easier, technology is now integrated with concrete bollards, and it has created automatic rising bollards. It effectively prevents vehicles from accessing restricted areas. The rising bollards fully block off the given area and thus help to reserve spots for emergency vehicles easily. They help to secure the vacant parking spot so that emergency vehicles can easily enter or exit there whenever needed. The operator can raise or lower the bollards with the help of a remote, and no additional labour is required to do the task.

About Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are very versatile, and they are ideal to be use in hospitals and other emerging areas. Businesses often use temporary bollards as they help to prevent the access of unauthorized vehicles in the parking spots.

They are also popularly used by event management companies to control the crowd of pedestrians and vehicles during an event. Also, the bollards have this classic metallic lustre which gives a very professional look to the overall aesthetics of a parking lot.

Automatic bollards do not demand costly offsite storage, and thus, it helps the business to reduce its costs. They also save on labour and fuel cost, as the automatic bollards can now be run on solar energy. The bollards can be controlled from a distance using a remote, meaning there is no requirement for additional labour to pick or store them in a place.

It is also to be noted that these bollards are made of stainless steel, hence they are resistant to weathering and corrosion. They are durable and can work for several years until they get damaged by an external agent, like a collision with a car.

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