If you wish to boost your mental as well as physical health, you should give fitness a priority. This needs some discipline and hard work from your end daily. You should remain motivated and reach the goals you set. Often, this might seem hard; however, you can achieve your daily fitness targets and goals with effort and discipline.

Selin Sakarcan comes from a Turkish American home and is fond of the Turkish culture and the language. She served as the President of the Turkish Student Association and was a Public Relations Officer at The American Medical Student Association at Temple University. Currently, she is an esteemed podiatric physician foot and ankle surgeon. She is fond of health and fitness and is a marathon runner.

Stay on top of your fitness goals

According to her, when it comes to setting fitness goals like walking 10K steps a day or deciding to run a marathon, the following tips will help you-

  1. Set realistic goals that you can achieve- Make sure you set goals that you can complete. Set small targets and gradually achieve them over time. For instance, if you prefer using the lift over the stairs, do not expect to walk 10,000 steps on the first day of your exercise. You will end up with sore feet and not go again the next day. The key here is to keep walking and not give up.
  2. Invest in fitness trackers to help you- When you start exercising, it is obvious that you should monitor your performance. The best way for you to do this is to invest in fitness trackers. There are several of them available online and in local stores. With them, you are able to check your sleep, heart rate, and calories. Most of the devices available in the market today have more or less the same features. So, invest in any of them that will help you understand your performance and be within your budget. Compare products and invest in the ones that sync in with your goals.
  3. Get a workout partner- Exercise is more fun when you have a workout partner. In fact, both of you can be responsible for each other. The biggest advantage of having a workout partner is that you get the motivation to work out daily. For instance, if you are alone in bed on a cold winter morning, you will not get up on your own for your morning run. However, if you have a workout partner with you, this will never be the case. Both of you will put on appropriate winter wear and venture out to run!

According to Selin Sakarcan, you must also pay attention to your meals. You should ensure you eat the right nutrition when it comes to daily exercise. If you are not sure about meal plans, you should always consult a good nutritionist to help you. With a customized meal plan, you can prepare your meals in advance and better focus on your health and fitness journey!

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